Seeking to punish Van Drew, GSE endorses Adelizzi-Schmidt in LD1

Dissatisfied with his response to a mailer they see as homophobic, Garden State Equality today switched its endorsement from state Sen. Jeff Van Drew (D-1) to his GOP challenger, businesswoman Susan Adelizzi-Schmidt.

“When you are a public figure, people often choose to speak for you,’ said GSE Executive Director Troy Stevenson. “It is your responsibility to affirm or disavow what they say. Senator Jeff Van Drew had ample opportunity to disavow the homophobic mailing sent to his district by a vitriolically anti-LGBT PAC. A political attack on a candidate, because of a pro-equality stand, is an attack on LGBT families as well. Imagine the children of same-sex parents who had to read this hateful mailing when they arrived home from school. Senator Van Drew had the chance to come to their defense, and chose to stay silent. 

“Republican Senate Candidate Susan Adelizzi Schmidt has taken a public stand for equality, and has been attacked for it. That can not stand.  Late last night, at my recommendation, the board of Garden State Equality’s Action Fund took a unanimous vote to endorse Susan Adelizzi Schmidt for the NJ State Senate.   Today, Garden State Equality will alert all of our members in LD1 about that endorsement.” 

Despite the last-minute announcement, some political insiders expected the endorsement would do little to change the outcome of the race.

“That and $2.50 will still only get you on the New York City subway,” said one unnamed Democratic source. Seeking to punish Van Drew, GSE endorses Adelizzi-Schmidt in LD1