Six Seconds of Sexy: The 12 Hottest Vine Accounts

The One Direction singer and leader of teen girls (and gay boys) of the world is pretty tame on his Vine account. Still, it's Harry! Hi Harry!
Apparently one qualification for becoming a Vine celebrity is having a body of a Greek god.
You probably won't ever be able to touch Kate Upton so scrolling her Vine account is the closest you'll come in contact with the model.
Robby made a name for himself by cultivating a unique fandom from his funny vines. And his arms probably helped, too.
Pretty fashion model does pretty things on Vine.
An account in which the former talk show host acts like a teenager and does indescribable things with her phone. But she looks cute!
Just some good ole' fashioned homemade porn.
So this is Paris Hilton's boyfriend. They go swimming a lot and live lavishly while looking good doing it.
Following the inked pin-up girls is always a treat if you're into tits and tats.
Matthew Terry made a splash with his sexy Calvin Klein commercial during last year's Super Bowl. And he's apparently still alive with his abs ripped as ever.
It wouldn't be a Betabeat list if the Internet's boyfriend didn't make the cut.
Here's an account with a bunch of hot girls that live in Los Angeles, I guess.

When Vine launched earlier this year, people were shocked that porn appeared on it. Ha, how weird that the first instinct of its users was stick to a camera down their pants and see what happens! The Twitter-owned video service largely cleaned up its act (even workarounds for searching #sex like typing #s3x seem to have disappeared), but if you look hard enough on desktop sites, you can find them. 

Were going to leave the super explicit stuff to you guys (life hack: search#p0rn on Vinehash if all it takes you is six seconds). We’ve corralled some of the sexiest users we could find on Vine. Remember, there’s always Reddit, Instagram and Twitter if you need some more material.

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