Tie Me Up, Pin Me Down! The 25 Sexiest Boards on Pinterest

Giving new meaning to the term "bulletin board."

This storied glossy has always had a keen eye for hotties.
A collection of hirsute hotties who will remind you why The Hills’ Justin Bobby was so intriguing in the first place.
Similar to Suit Up, but featuring men of slighter builds.
There are at least two reasons to peruse this pinboard. The first is Jon Hamm, duh. The second is Vincent Kartheiser, who, despite his onscreen smarminess as Pete Campbell, can really rock an editorial shoot.
Isn't it funny how the better a suit fits, the more it begs to be taken off?
Yes, that’s a bearded Paul Newman rocking a simple Hanes tee. Address your thank-you notes to pinterest.com/ashleysee/gents/.
We're not so sure it was Esquire's intention to create a list of modern and retro (hi, Gregory Peck) hotties ripe for objectification on their Men at Their Best list, but we're thankful just the same.
Male models, actors and civilians looking luxe and luscious. This pinner also has an eye for manly timepieces.
It's called online shopping, GOD. (Do you like this pic of Betabeat and Betabeat's boyfriend chilling at home, tho?)
The first dozen or so pins on this board are Maksim Chmerkovsky of Dancing With the Stars. That should be enough to entice you.
Just 1100 photos of men who forgot to put their shirts on today.
Speaking of Scots, Betabeat is so embarrassed. We just realized we’ve been neglecting Ewan McGregor for all of Sexy Week. Allow us to make it up to you with the definitive Ewan McGregor pinboard.
On a man with the right combination of swagger and calf muslces, kilts are hot. Bonus: dig around Pinterest for while and you will find a picture of Rupert Grint (a.k.a. Ron Weasley) in a kilt. Easter egg!
Intelligence is the hottest thing of all, and everyone knows there is an correlation between bad eyesight and intelligence. Here are some hotties who will melt your heart because they can’t see all that well.
Brava, fellow Pinterest user striving to educate the masses. Brava.
More like “Keith’s Adorable Boys in Cute Hats and Glasses Hub.” Thx, Keith!
You know what they say about men with big Adam’s apples. Well, nothing actually. But this account is probably the least SFW of all of them, so beware.
Boys look so cute in scarves!
The ginger man is a rare species, known mostly for using the pickup line, “Did you know redheads will be extinct in 100 years, so fellow gingers should probably mate?” on female redheads at bars.
Hotties with a European flair. In other words, lots of tiny briefs. Oui, oui.
500 pictures of Channing Tatum. Sexy Week is over now, bye.
Yes, we already included one beardy board, but the crucial difference here is that this one includes the beard’s even hotter older brother, chest hair, too.
Perfect inspiration for your budding career in subway-missed-connection fanfic/erotica.
Hot men looking artsy due to a simple absence of color! Cute sandals Bruce, can we borrow?

Betabeat has run a Sexy Week train on Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and Vine over the past few days. We left what we thought might be the least sexy, Pinterest, for last. But when combing the inspirational quote mecca for sexy stuff, we were surprised.

Pinterest, we misjudged you. We thought you were simply where cheerleading coaches and our engaged cousins went for DIY wedding centerpiece ideas and meatloaf recipes. Here’s what we didn’t realize: Pinterest’s pages upon pages of male hotties are where the site’s really hiding the meatloaf.

Pinterest hosts endless boards with men who are scruffy or clean shaven, tattooed or bare, suited up or shirtless. Finding this bevy of babes is, we imagine, similar to the feeling your average suburban mom had when she discovered Fifty Shades of Gray lurking amid the chick lit at her local Barnes & Noble.

By the way, we also found some very nice Pinterest boards dedicated to bikinis, lingerie and corsets, but they paled in comparison to the following hotties. And if giant fake boobs are more your style and you’re not at your pesky office job, click over to the highly NSFW Snatchly (ew), an X-rated Pinterest knockoff that tastefully calls itself an “online pornboard.”

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