To Do Sunday: Watch Ja’mie: Private School Girl


Fans of Australian comic Chris Lilley’s mockumentary We Can Be Heroes and Summer Heights High are already familiar with Ja’mie, the snotty, exiled prep student whose dirty mouth is only equal to her self-delusion and Machiavellian popularity tactics. Played by Lilley (Angry Boys) in drag, Ja’mie is part Heathers, part Mean Girls and entirely the worst: She’s racist (“I’m gonna hashtag it ‘friedrice,’” she sneers at an Asian schoolmate), classist (her after-school outreach involves reading The Hunger Games to the less fortunate) and just plain cruel (“You know what would be really embarrassing?” she snapped at a classmate in Summer Heights. “Having your head.”)

Now with her own six-part mini-series, Ja’mie returns to her private school roots to reclaim her turf as queen bee while finding love with the most “quiche” boy in school. If you want to relive the trauma of high school without leaving your couch, you won’t be able to do better. Seriously.

Ja’mie: Private School Girl, HBO, 10:30 p.m. To Do Sunday: Watch <em>Ja’mie: Private School Girl</em>