Tweet Dirty to Me: The 24 Sexiest Twitter Accounts

A little birdy told us your feed's about to get a lot hotter.

Every straight girl's favorite porn star has quite the active Twitter account. Follow Mr. Deen for musings like "do whales masturbate?" and "Veruca salt was *such* a brat!!!!!!" as well as explicit photos of his, er, colleagues.
Billed as "modern erotica for vintage souls," Indie Romance Novel pokes fun at the love and sex lives of the Mason jar and kale set. Sample tweet: "Addison circled him like a shark. A shark who preys on bearded guys who wear plaids and boots." Betabeat can relate, tbh.
If you're a visual learner who likes the male form as beefy as possible, this is the account for you. Try not to check this one at work, though. It's beyond full frontal.
If you're in the mood for a little sex ed, Dr. Morse regales her 62,000 followers with podcasts on BDSM and solid advice like, "Mesh is rarely a good choice." Her mission in life is "for more women to experience more orgasms." Follow her for her podcasts and 140 character pep talks.
Ms. Von Teese offers close ups of beautiful vintage lingerie, and peeks into her glamorous life. Follow her for fashion and beauty inspiration with a lot of sex appeal.
Your best bet for charming vintage softcore (by today's standards) nudes. Behold the soft bodies and lax attitudes toward hair maintenance of the good ol' days.
Sure, why not? This account, curated by a "UK Male" who's into buxom grandmas, proves that you're never to old to act naughty.
This blogger curates the best lingerie from all over the Internet. Her tweets, which usually include photos, will remind you that sometimes it's hotter to leave a little to the imagination, especially when lace is involved.
The "occasional porn star, occasional writer" has crossover appeal. She sometimes writes for Vice about birth control, condom use in porn, and why "Natural Beauty Is Just a Marketing Tool." Follow her for insight into the adult film industry.
The coitus obsessed print mag (we've all seen the HOT SEX TIPS cover lines) recently beefed up its web presence, with sex editor Anna Breslaw and other staffers uploading steamy but lighthearted content throughout the day. @Cosmopolitan will distract you from work with links to stories like, "Rich People Have More Sex" and "Saving Your Virginity Won't Save Your Dignity." And you don't even have to wait a whole month for more.
Fornication's funny girl Karley Sciortino blogs about her experiences in love and provides advice to readers who ask questions like, "Am I fulfilling my slut potential?" Her Twitter feed is chock full of one liners like, "Is sex gluten free?" and "I feel too fat to scissor." She also contributes to Vogue.
If this sonnet a day feed doesn't make you fantasize about seducing a hot English professor, we don't know what to tell you.
Can you think of three better topics to read up on? Some of the advice offered in this feed falls under the category of a no brainer: "Eat a healthy breakfast every morning. No pop tarts or doughnuts." Other tweets will give you inspiration to work out or bang: "An orgasm is actually a powerful painkiller. So having a headache is actually a bad excuse not to have sex." Okay, if you're gonna twist our arm!
Ms. Prickett tweets about life as founding editor of Adult Magazine, and her love for Rihanna. Follow @AdultMag too for the whole package.
This manically titled account delivers all the titillating trivia you could ever want. Did you know the vibrator was invented before the vacuum? Did you know wedgies can cause testicular damage? Did you know that sperm cells can stay alive for up to three days in the female reproductive system? Betabeat did (and is now kind of nervous) thanks to OMG Facts SEX.
The Twitter account for this NYC landmark of lovin' offers enlightening chats, sex based art projects and coming spelled "cumming" as a hilaaarious joke. It's a great aggregation of the best sex stuff around the web.
Of course, this lad mag veers cheesy and frat-tastic. But if you like hot ladies with low BMIs and weekly lists of top tweets from porn stars, look no further.
Just photo after photo of beauteous underthings.
We love a social media brand manager who knows their audience, and whoever's tweeting for this corporation seriously has the hookup when it comes to great sex related links, with sample headlines like "How to bring out your girl's inner freak" and "What's your bedroom behavior?" We'd love to get a peek at their RSS Feed.
We know you're curious about #werewolf #pirate #vampire #footfetish erotica. It's only natural. That's why we found you this no frills feed that neatly categorizes lascivious literature by hashtag. Click through to the feed's affiliated blog to check out some Grade A self published book cover art.
She's the millennial generation's leading female sex symbol. We love her for her upbeat attitude and the ease with which she transitions between the pinup and high fashion worlds. Plus, she proves you don't have to be built like a praying mantis to be chic, a message we've been hankering for ever since 0 became the new 2.
The ladyblog that started it all has "sex" in its tagline, and boy do these gals deliver. They take a frank, funny look at sex: "What's the weirdest lie about sex you learned in sex ed?" a recent headline asks. And when it's time to be serious, they're always on the case re: reproductive rights, sexual assault and sexual equality.
The grande dame of sex therapy, Dr. Westheimer will reassure you that you're never too old for great sex; marriage is not obsolete; and it's okay that Lindsay Lohan shows side boob sometimes because flashing butt cheek would be way "more indecent." With advice like, "instead of turning on TV, turn on your partner!" this lady is a must follow.

We use Twitter to stay on top of current events, social activity and whatever else we’re checking out as we obsessively refresh it all day. So why not use it to stay on top of the latest in sex news and erotica?

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Whether you want your feed to contain an orgiastic flood of titillating tweets or you’re just looking for a lingerie blog or two, Betabeat has you covered. After all, there’s no harm in a little bit of sex advice or a hot photo to pass the time while you’re waiting in line at Starbucks. 

Twitter’s policies prohibit sexual content in images, video or language; modeled lingerie; pornography; and, incredibly, talk of contraceptives. But lucky for all of us, the following 24 accounts are somehow skirting those rules.

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