We’d Double-Tap That: The 25 Hottest Instagram Accounts

Ange is obviously way too classy to operate her own social media account, but a fan of hers maintains this one so we can be reminded of her hotness as we scroll through our feeds.
"Official" may be a stretch for this account that's clearly being operated by a drooling fan. But, as fellow drooling fans, we're not complaining.
Yes, smoking is bad, but maybe these are just prop cigarettes?
This collection of old school stunners proves that leaving a little to the imagination really can be hot.
A great way to live out your ink tainted fantasies if you’re too scared to approach a girl with full sleeves.
"Hot dudes everywhere"? We wish. But following this account is the next best thing.
Honestly, we wouldn't blame this NYC artist/graphic designer if he quit his day job to post selfies full time.
Hey, when you're hot you're hot, whether or not you're the leader of the free world.
No list of Instagram provacateurs would be complete without her. Who else's account regularly makes headlines for its raciness?
Good for the mind AND body.
This soloist with the American Ballet Theatre will have you thinking about first, second and third position in a whole different light.
For those who think yoga can't make you buff.
His bio lists him as a "Torontonian who likes beards." Oh, Canada!
This decade gave us Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss, and countless other fashion plates with bedroom eyes, bouncy bodies and personality to spare. Gaze on them in all their glory by following this account.
We like to imagine this Spanish actor and screenwriter whispering sweet nothings en español.
How many people have taken on look at this model/actress's pillowy lips and gone running for the collagen?
This New York lingerie shop will have you wanting to dress up.
We can't be the only ones who are turned on by the sight of a pair of $2,000 stilettos, right?
You have to be pretty hot to gain name recognition just by pouting in a music video. With “Blurred Lines,” Emily Ratajkowski did just that. Expect much much more from her.
Come to "The Biggest Loser" for the weight loss tips and schadenfreude. Stay for the Dolvett Quince.
Becks sure knows how to give the people what they want. You'll find precisely zero brunch or sunset pics in his feed. Instead, enjoy photo after photo of the hottest dad, athlete, underwear model and Spice Girl spouse on the planet.
A bikini model with a sense of humor? You can't get much sexier than that. The social media maven has been known to post nude pics to poke fun at Instagram's draconian rules.
Love her or hate her, you have to admit homegirl can take one hell of a selfie.
Bikinis and bra sets were simply made for this stunning model.
The man who first made us realize we were really into biceps at age 11. Thank you, Usher, from Arms Girls everywhere.

Instagram is notoriously puritanical when it comes to steamy content. Searching for hashtags like #hot and #sexy will yield zero results, because the photo sharing app blocks them. Not to mention, nudity is prohibited, and you can find yourself banned just because of one measly little nipple.

Not only is this no fun; it’s also a shame, because we’re sure the Rise filter would do wonders on most people’s bare booties. If you’re hankering for a sexed-up newsfeed, though, look no further. Betabeat has done the dirty work, circumventing Instagram’s odd hashtag blackouts and finding the 25 sexiest accounts.

They may not be as explicit (and, uh, informative) as the ones we found on Twitter and Reddit, but these accounts run the gamut from muscle-bound yoga instructors to beauteous lingerie models. Check them out. Thank us later.

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