6 in 10 People Can’t Identify Google Glass When Shown a Picture

Must be nice!

Jennifer Lawrence tries on Google Glass for Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Spokeswoman? (Photo: Instagram)

Outside of the tech bubble, people residing in real America are apparently living blissfully unaware of what Google Glass is. Enthusiast blog Glass Almanac shoved a picture of a human wearing the $1,500 face computer in front of of 400 people and discovered that only 40 percent could identify what it was.

Although it’s a small sampling, its results mirror that of a similar question posed by Google last August. The search company asked 1,000 people if they could identify the niche device and 58.9 percent admitted they couldn’t. For this survey, the number of people who couldn’t decipher that Glass was a real thing and not a leftover prop from The Island ticked down to 58.5 percent.

Clearly, Glass has a visibility problem as it marches toward its public release next year. So, it’s no surprise that Google is amping up publicity for it by bringing out humungous barges and a traveling roadshow to convince America that it’s not a totally imbecilic product.

If all else fails, maybe sign Jennifer Lawrence to be a spokeswoman since she’s clearly having a moment. 6 in 10 People Can’t Identify Google Glass When Shown a Picture