Amazon Claims It’s UPS’s Fault You Didn’t Get Your Kindle Fire on Time

At least you'll have something to open on New Year's?

This is UPS? (Photo: Flickr)
This is UPS? (Photo: Flickr)

It wouldn’t be the holidays if there wasn’t a juicy argument. This year, it’s between UPS and Amazon, with the latter claiming UPS basically ruined Christmas for some Americans by failing to send packages in time for the big day.

Customers were mad at UPS for a backlog in the company’s delivery process. The company said “the volume of air packages in our system exceeded the capacity of our network immediately preceding Christmas, so some shipments were delayed.” Some of those shipments were from online retailers, like Amazon, which was reportedly coming off its biggest year yet. 

Amazon had promised customers that packages would arrive before Christmas. Because of UPS’s alleged failure to do its one job, Bezos and Company is now trying to placate its angry base with offers of gift cards and shipping refunds.

A spokesperson for UPS seemed so embarrassed by the debacle, she couldn’t do anything more than repeat the fact that UPS and Amazon have an agreement.

“We have a relationship with Amazon. We will definitely work with all of our retailers,” said Natalie Black to CNN. “We’re going to make good on our service commitments. What that exactly entails I don’t know, but we’ll work with them to maintain that relationship.”

Amazon is just counting down the days until its drones can eliminate its UPS partnership.  Amazon Claims It’s UPS’s Fault You Didn’t Get Your Kindle Fire on Time