Assembly Health Committee affirms Stender’s medical marijuana bill

TRENTON – The Assembly Health Committee, voting on party lines, this morning passed A4537, authored by Assemblywoman Linda Stender (D-22).

The bill would permit qualifying patients to possess and use medical marijuana legally obtained from another jurisdiction.

Stender’s bill, which state Sen. Nick Scutari (D-22) sponsors in the state Senate, would extend state medical marijuana laws to qualifying out-of-state patients; and expand ability of parents to serve as primary caregiver to minor children.

“Our medical marijuana program is not functioning the way it should be and approved participants have not been able to get the medicine they need,” Stender told the committee.  “In no way will this bill expand any of the requirements for participation.  Instead, it will allow people who have been approved into the program within the existing limitations to access the strains that they need in the event of a lack of availability within our own program.

“As of now, approved participants have been unable to get the medicine they need,” the assemblywoman added. “In the case of little Vivian Wilson, her family is contemplating moving so they can get her the strains she needs.  These changes will allow approved participants to remain in New Jersey, close to their families, and still get the treatment they need.”

Republicans voted no and the Democratic majority on the committee voted yes.

Assembly Health Committee affirms Stender’s medical marijuana bill