Chances Are Your Doctor’s Cell Phone Is Crawling With Diseases

Because we needed another reason to avoid the doctor's office.

(Photo: Getty)

(Photo: Getty)

It turns out the most germ-ridden thing in the medical exam room may not be your diseased body. Instead, it could be your doctor’s archaic BlackBerry Curve.

Researchers at VU Medical Centre in Amsterdam found that of the 80% of doctors who carry smartphones, about 57% used the devices then treated patients without washing their hands, according to Recombu.

Of 989 smartphones tested, between 42% and 95% had hospital-acquired bacteria, and some even had antibiotic-resistant strains of the bug MRSA, Recombu reports.

There are no disease control measures governing the use of cell phones in hospitals, one researcher said. “Banning them is not feasible, and as a result they have become an uncontrolled source of bacteria.”

This is worse than that episode of Tyra where they told the germaphobic woman her handbag was a plague waiting to happen. The researcher quoted by Recombu says the medical community’s best bet is some kind of germ-proof protective screen.

Developers and programmers, can you chill on the weird dating sites and Tinder knockoffs for a minute and get on that? Chances Are Your Doctor’s Cell Phone Is Crawling With Diseases