City Council Votes to Include E-Cigarettes in Smoking Ban

Enjoy your last few months.

TTYL! (Photo: File)

TTYL! (Photo: File)

Party’s over for smokers of electronic cigarettes who liked puffing away indoors. The New York City Council voted last night to soon prohibit the mouth fedoras from being lit up at places where the current smoking ban is in place, like offices, parks and restaurants.

Backed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the measure was overwhelmingly approved by the city council in a 43 to 8 vote. Council Speaker Christine Quinn expressed her wariness of how safe e-cigs are because the devices still pump out a vaporized dose of nicotine and might be a gateway to the real thing.

Proponents from the Big E-Cig Lobby disagree with Ms. Quinn. They stuck to their talking points that the vapors emitting from plastic tubes are harmless and, compared to smoking old fashioned cigarettes, the devices are less of a health risk for smokers.

Bloomberg News writes:

“The council has worked for well over a decade to curb smoking in New York City and I really believe it’s one of our greatest accomplishments,” Ms. Quinn said before the vote. “E-cigarettes threaten, in my opinion, to undermine enforcement of the Smoke-Free Air Act.”

Mayor Bloomberg is expected to sign the bill with the new rules kicking in four months after his approval.  City Council Votes to Include E-Cigarettes in Smoking Ban