Cryan on college affordability: Help students graduate on time

TRENTON – A bill to set up a commission to study college affordability was passed Thursday in the Assembly by an 80-0 vote.

Passage of the bill was not in doubt. But Assemblyman Joe Cryan, (D-20), Union delivered impassioned remarks on the floor concerning what he said is a major reason college is unaffordable: Students can’t graduate in four years.

“The way to create affordability is to graduate students on time,’’ Cryan said.

He cited grim statistics showing how few students can accept a degree in four years and how many students enter college requiring remedial help.

“We have a crisis,’’ he said. “We have created a generation that simply goes into debt. We’re losing a generation. We need to change the culture.”

Jay Webber, (R-26), Parsippany, a frequent cross-the-aisle opponent, echoed Cryan’s remarks and said he agreed with nearly everything he said.

He urged the commission members, once they are chosen, to examine options such as third-party payment assistance.

S2965/A4444 would set up a commission to consider among other things a proposed “pay forward” program in which tuition at public colleges is replaced by allowing students to pay back a portion of their income after graduation.

Cryan was pointing out that this does not necessarily make college more affordable, it just postpones student payments.




  Cryan on college affordability: Help students graduate on time