Currie says Christie should be ‘ashamed’ of using Ellis Island for celebration

New Jersey Democrats are using Gov. Chris Christie’s opposition to the state’s version of the DREAM Act to attack him over his inaugural celebration plans.

Democratic State Committee Chairman John Currie criticized the governor in a statement Wednesday for turning his back on the DREAM Act and then planning an inaugural party at the location most synonymous with immigrants.

He said the governor should be “ashamed” to use Ellis Island for a celebration while his policies “threaten the dreams of thousands” of residents.

“Ellis Island is a place that recognizes the importance of immigrants to our country’s rich history and cultural heritage. A gateway for millions of immigrants, it was a place where huddled masses could seek a future that held great promise,” Currie said. “Given his inconsistent positions on tuition equality for undocumented immigrants, Governor Christie is adding insult to injury with his decision to use Ellis Island for his inaugural event.”

Currie is referring to Christie’s opposition to the Senate version of a DREAM Act bill that’s making its way through the Statehouse. The Democrat-controlled Legislature has promised to send Christie the version of the bill the governor recently said he would not sign.

Christie called the legislation more rich than the federal version, while Democrats accused the governor of reneging on a campaign promise.

Currie says Christie should be ‘ashamed’ of using Ellis Island for celebration