Ex-Anthony Weiner Campaign Manager Among Those Tapped to Join New Comptroller’s Offfice

Camille Joseph. (Photo: LinkedIn)

Camille Joseph. (Photo: LinkedIn)

Scott Stringer, the city’s next comptroller, slayed one scandal-scarred pol on his road to victory. Now he’s bringing on board the ex-staffer of another randy Democrat. 

Camille Joseph, who served as the second campaign manager of former Congressman Anthony Weiner’s failed mayoral bid, will join the comptroller’s office as deputy comptroller for public affairs. Ms. Joseph will be tasked with handling all communications and outreach while also serving as a liaison to various governmental agencies. 

Mr. Stringer also rolled out several other appointments, including appointing Sascha Owen as his chief of staff and Alaina Gilligo as his first deputy comptroller.

“I am confident that each of them will make an extraordinary contribution to the comptroller’s office and the city’s financial well-being,” Mr. Stringer said of all of his new appointments. “They share my progressive values and my belief that our local government must be equally tough when it comes to fiscal management, as well as its responsibility to provide greater economic opportunities for working and middle class families.”

Ms. Joseph, a former staffer to Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, took over Mr. Weiner’s campaign at a particularly trying time, after the first campaign manager quit once news surfaced in July that Mr. Weiner had sent sexually explicit text messages to women long after he resigned from Congress.

Ironically, Mr. Stringer defeated former Gov. Eliot Spitzter, another pol known for his scandals, in the Democratic primary.

Here’s the full list of Mr. Stringer’s appointments:

First Deputy Comptroller: Alaina Gilligo

General Counsel: Kathryn (“Kay”) Diaz

Deputy Comptroller for Contracts and Procurement: Lisa Flores

Deputy Comptroller for Public Affairs: Camille Joseph

Deputy Comptroller for Accountancy: Michele Mark Levine

Deputy Comptroller for Public Finance: Carol Kostik

Chief of Staff: Sascha Owen

Policy Director: David Saltonstall

Ex-Anthony Weiner Campaign Manager Among Those Tapped to Join New Comptroller’s Offfice