Best New Budget Restaurant of 2013



Stein’s pick: The correct answer is Bunker, chef Jimmy Tu’s Vietnamese restaurant in Ridgewood, Queens. Set aside for a moment Mr. Tu’s extensive experience at Eleven Madison Park, and simply focus on his tremendous pho bo (a beef noodle soup). I have no idea whether it is authentic or not. I imagine it is. But it is supremely delicious in a way much more complex, tender and subtle than a smoked brisket.

Ozersky responds: I haven’t eaten there, but Stein has good taste, and it sounds worth a try. In my picks, I have stuck to sure bets, as always, but this sounds plausible.


Ozersky’s pick: If we mean some place where you can have a great meal for under $20, I have to say Chubby Mary’s, an instant classic producing some of the best subs in America from day one. Technically. day one came in early December 2012, but that’s new enough for me.

Stein responds: Chubby Mary’s does indeed have a tremendous eggplant hero. It also opened in November 2012 and therefore does not qualify as a best restaurant of 2013.


  Best New Budget Restaurant of 2013