Best Expense Account Restaurant of 2013



Even feuding foodies agree: Carbone is really expensive.


Stein’s pick: Carbone would be a tremendous restaurant if it weren’t perverted by an ostentatious and aggressively astronomical price point. So if that’s the only thing that is holding it back from greatness—though of course the high price point has ripples throughout the experience viz. the clientele—having someone else pay for it seems to neatly solve the problem.

Ozersky responds: What he said.


Ozersky’s pick: My first choice for this would be Carbone; my second, Carbone. The restaurant is marvelous but astronomically expensive; eating on the corporate dime there is practically your only option. Sushi Nakazawa is only open for dinner, as is Sushi Dojo, another money hole.

Stein responds: What he said.


  Best Expense Account Restaurant of 2013