Food and Restaurant Predictions for 2014




Stein: Narrowly focused regional cuisine will become the new single-item restaurant. 

Ozersky: Meateries: boutique meats cooked artfully over live fires in chef-driven restaurants.


Retail Storefronts

Stein: Kill Your Own Cattle: a hipster abattoir. It’s the next logical step after the Meat Hook. 

Ozersky: High-end knives will sooner or later burst out of the glass cases at the back of Williams-Sonoma. They’re too beautiful and useful not to.



Stein: Beer will replace cocktails as something to geek out about, even more than they already do. We won’t have mixologists; we’ll have brew curators. 

Ozersky: More branded spirits and mixers from big-shot bartenders. EO’s Jay Kosmas launched his own spirit brand, the 86 Co., last year. I don’t think he’ll be the last. 



Stein: The ampersand has run its course. I’m looking forward to asyndeton as the next naming trend. Booker, Dax; Pearl, Ash; Hill, Dale. 

Ozersky: Mark my words: There are too many star chefs on the rise and not enough eponymous restaurants. That will change, and fast. 


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