Just a Really Depressing Piece of Trashidermy

Via DNAInfo.com

Oh, deer. (Via DNAInfo.com)

Oh, you don’t like your deer sans antler and with a giant gaping hole in its stomach? Then burn it! Don’t just stuff it into a trash can in Washington Heights! That’s really bumming us out today.

From DNAInfo.com (which found the discarded deer):

The deer was stuffed upright into the garbage, with its front legs curled into a resting position and its haunches pressed in a seated position in the garbage can.

The deer, which had visible stitches down the front of its torso and screws where the antlers used to be, was first spotted in the garbage some time before 8:15 a.m.

Maybe its viral marketing for the next season of Hannibal? Who knows, with the way advertisements seem to be working in the city these days.

Just a Really Depressing Piece of Trashidermy