Leadership funding amount breakdown

The usual pre-holiday Statehouse lull was shattered Monday with news about changes to the level of legislative leadership funding.

Senate President Steve Sweeney cut the funding amount Republican lawmakers would receive in 2014 from $330,000 to $188,000. Also, the top Democratic lawmaker slashed funding to Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean Jr. and his allies, while simultaneously increasing funding to the Senate lawmakers who challenged him over his leadership position.

However, if Kean got his way, the lawmaker who challenged him and the state senator who originally agreed to support Kean but later voted to install Sen. Kevin O’Toole as minority leader would have received cuts over 2013 funding levels.

Here’s a look at the two lists provided to PolitickerNJ.

The first is Kean’s proposed funding and the latter is Sweeney’s list, who had the final say over funding levels.

Leadership funding amount breakdown