Lifetime is Turning Brian Stelter’s Book Into a TV Movie

top_of_the_morning_book_cover_a_pEvery week seems to bring more good news, followed by a frenzy of congratulatory tweets, for Brian Stelter.

One week he announces that he and girlfriend, NY1’s Jamie Shupak got engaged. Another week brings news that he’s leaving The New York Times to host CNN’s Reliable Sources. Today brings news that Mr. Stelter’s book on morning TV, Top of the Morning, is getting adapted for Lifetime, The Hollywood Reporter writes.

It seems like a logical fit. After all, Lifetime is a network that caters to women. And women love morning television (or so we hear).

Mr. Stelter’s look “inside the cutthroat world of morning TV,” which came out last April, was met with mixed reviews (including a negative one in the Times, Mr. Stelter’s then employer). But the book garnered plenty of publicity: from US Weekly to NPR.

And now: a Lifetime movie.

After a moment’s hesitation, Mr. Stelter, a prolific user of social media, tweeted out a link to The Hollywood Reporter’s story after it broke the news this afternoon.

Here’s hoping for a Lifetime version Network. Lifetime is Turning Brian Stelter’s Book Into a TV Movie