Marriage equality bill held

A bill dealing with marriage equality has been held from committee today.

Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg said of S3109 that after conferring with Lambda Legal she decided to hold the bill for the moment.

 “After conferring with Lambda Legal, the national gay rights law organization,  we have decided to pull from consideration for now the proposed legislation that would write marriage equality into law. 

“The issue is still new and legally complex, and we want to be able to fully understand all the potential legal ramifications of our efforts as we work to reach our goal of bringing marriage equality firmly and permanently into our laws.”

The state Supreme Court earlier this year cleared the way for gay marriage, but Democrats said it left unresolved issues involving religious exemptions, for example. 

“We all want to find the best way to have the strongest marriage equality law that permanently guarantees that gay couples will have the same rights and benefits as others in marriage. We have worked long and hard to achieve true equality for everyone, we want to be certain that these rights are secure in law and will stand up over time,” Weinberg said. Marriage equality bill held