Morning Links: Not Fake Edition

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 9.05.01 AMHow will Bill de Blasio affect cultural life in New York? (Interesting fact: he’s a fan of Bob Marley, Talking Heads and Verdi. Which kind of makes perfect sense.) [NYT]

The U.K. owners of some 115,000 artworks are exempt from paying taxes on their collections as long as they allow public access, a situation some are calling “a racket.” [The Guardian]

Here’s a condo that’s specially designed to appeal to art collectors. It’s on the High Line on West 24th Street and has reinforced walls (for holding up heavy art) and special lights for displaying pieces. [NYT]

The hunt for the pieces of a missing Magritte. [WSJ]

Breaking: art collectors attend parties, hobnob with artists. [WSJ]

The $20 million suit filed by Calder’s heirs against the estate of one of his dealers, alleging that the dealer sold fake works attributed to the artist and owed the heirs money, was dismissed. The suit was “an incoherent stew of irrelevance and innuendo,” the judge wrote. [NYT]

Benin now boasts the first museum dedicated to contemporary African art in sub-Saharan Africa. [The Art Newspaper]

Here’s Lee Rosenbaum on Rembrandt’s Saint Bartholomew (c. 1633), the painting prominently featured, and called “fake,” in American Hustle. (It is real, assures the Worcester Art Museum.) [CultureGrrl]

Georgina Adam recaps 2013. Scroll down for the photo of Glafira Rosales leaving court on the arms of two of her attorneys! [Financial Times]

Morning Links: Not Fake Edition