Morning Read: ‘Determined to Win One’

Today's Daily News. (Photo: Newseum)
Today’s Daily News. (Photo: Newseum)

Headline of the day: “After pot bust, Assemblyman Steve Katz to invest in marijuana-related businesses.”

Congressman Charlie Rangel will formally announce his plans to run for re-election at a press conference in Harlem this afternoon. “I have heard the skeptics and the chattering classes wondering whether I remain committed to representing our congressional district,” he told the Daily News. But after talking to constituents, he said, “I am all the more fired up.”

The News published a flurry of stories today on Mayor Michael Bloomberg‘s legacy. But perhaps the bluntest assessment of all came courtesy of Wayne Barrett in the Globe and Mail. “I do believe that it would be fair to say that at the end of 12 years, Bloomberg is the best mayor I ever covered,” the long-time reporter told the paper .”Still, by the end of his third term, he became ‘much more of a rich man’s mayor, at least rhetorically.'”

Councilman Dan Garodnick insisted yesterday that Melissa Mark-Viverto had jumped the gun by declaring early victory in the speaker’s race. But there may be another reason why he’s not conceding. One DNAinfo source speculated that Mr. Garodnick’s decision “was little more than a ploy by the Bronx and Queens county leaders to gain leverage: ‘It’s now out there that county leaders are propping Dan up in order to go to the powers to be and say, ‘We’ll stop this nonsense if you give us x, y or z.””

And the New York Times weighed in on the speaker’s race deal, noting that back when he was a councilman, Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio lost his own bid for the post after failing to secure the backing of the county chairs. This time around, he foiled the leaders by peeling away Brooklyn’s Frank Seddio. “Eight years after losing a race for speaker of the City Council, Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio is determined to win one,” they wrote.

Capital New York has more on the doling out of plum committee assignments in the wake of the deal. “It’s like a fire sale out there,” one source told the outlet. “They’re promising everything. … They went from progressive deals to back-room deals in record time.”

And here, courtesy of Buzzfeed, is a list of Mr. Bloomberg’s favorite movies, beginning with “Blazing Saddles.” Also on the list? “Bananas” and “Tin Cup”–but “only the first 20 minutes” Morning Read: ‘Determined to Win One’