Morning Read: ‘Fresh Reason to ­Embrace Their Ignorance’

Bill de Blasio reading to children yesterday. (Photo: Twitter/@Lis_Smith)

Bill de Blasio reading to children yesterday. (Photo: Twitter/@Lis_Smith)

Headline of the Day: “To mark the end of the Bloomberg era, parties.”

Runner-Up: “Mike’s a cold fish. Who really cares?”

The New York Times has a front-page profile of Chirlane McCray‘s expected roll in Bill de Blasio‘s administration: “Still, Mr. de Blasio conceded that he relied so frequently on his wife that he was wary of missing the kind of outside perspectives ‘that make sure the two of us don’t sometimes see the world too narrowly.'”

While the Daily News also featured a prominent story on the same subject today: “She helped to interview candidates for top campaign jobs, including Bill Hyers, who was hired as campaign manager. And she was a fixture at the periodic “retreats” de Blasio’s campaign staff held during the run to hone their strategy.”

Did Mr. Hyers land a job in the city somewhere? Mr. de Blasio’s former campaign manager appears to have suddenly quit his much-heralded gig managing Charlie Crist‘s gubernatorial campaign in Florida, telling New York magazine “I never started, and ended up just deciding to stay in NYC. Great town.”

Christine Quinn discussed her own next job as well, telling Capital New York she wants “to be about doing work in kind of the NGO, nonprofit, advocacy sphere.” “I want it to be something obviously relevant and related to New York, but also hopefully a little broader than New York, working in some other urban centers in the country,” she continued.

The New York Post‘s Michael Goodwin slammed Mayor Michael Bloomberg for not rushing to the scene of Sunday’s train accident: “The charge that he only cares about Manhattan and wealthy people is a slander, but it is an article of faith among core de Blasio supporters … Bloomberg gave them a fresh reason to ­embrace their ignorance. A pity.”

Jenny Hou, a former aide to Comptroller John Liu convicted on various counts during his mayoral campaign, lost her request to remain free pending her appeal and is headed to jail.

And Gov. Andrew Cuomo partied down with Billy Joel for a birthday fund-raiser. Morning Read: ‘Fresh Reason to ­Embrace Their Ignorance’