Morning Read: ‘If That President Thing Doesn’t Work Out’

Today's New York Post.

Headline of the Day: “The Tax Battle Cometh.”

Runner-Up: “Bill de Blasio picks up inauguration funding at B.B. King’s Blues Club on Times Square.”

City & State writes that the Council speaker’s race “has reached the point where every rumor and piece of gossip regarding who are the ‘leading’ candidates should be viewed with suspicion. With so many interest groups pushing their preferred candidate and no reliable metric to gauge the race, it is easy to get taken in by whisper campaigns and planted stories.”

Speaking on Road to City Hall last night, former Council Speaker Peter Vallone, Sr. made an anti-bloc voting pitch in the race. “A Council member must never give his or her vote away to anyone else. I don’t care who that is,” he said, citing county leaders and “people who call themselves progressives” in particular.

On the same program, ex-mayoral candidate Bill Thompson praised Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio‘s transition. “It’s better to get it right,” Mr. Thompson said of the seemingly slow pace, adding, “He’s named some good people. These are excellent choices that are sending a strong message to the city.”

Could Assemblyman Dov Hikind be a target of the Moreland Commission’s corruption probe? A source familiar with the investigation told Crain’s New York Business that Mr. Hikind’s relationship with a major hospital was highlighted in the commission’s “preliminary report.” A nonprofit in his district has also reportedly been targeted.

The New York Post‘s editorial board–quoting Gov. Andrew Cuomo saying “New York is the least expensive state to locate your business” in certain tax-free zones–declared: “If that president thing doesn’t work out for Andrew Cuomo, no worries: He can always do stand-up.” “That’s a real knee-slapper” the paper added.

And a civic association battle in an upscale beach community in Brooklyn has exploded onto the pages of the New York Times.

Morning Read: ‘If That President Thing Doesn’t Work Out’