Morning Read: ‘So, a Nice 800-Pound Gorilla’

The latest City & State issue.

The latest City & State issue.

Headline of the Day: “A tale of sugar plums and sour grapes.”

Runner-Up: “This Right Here Is Why SantaCon Can’t Have Nice Things.”

According to The Washington Post, Bill de Blasio is reportedly “likely” to name Carmen Farina, a former adviser and deputy schools chancellor, to be the schools chancellor in his incoming administration–possibly on an interim basis. A source following the process relayed similar information to Politicker yesterday.

Meanwhile, New York magazine profiled the challenge awaiting his schools pick: “Picking a tough and nimble chancellor will be crucial. Even more important will be whether Bill de Blasio can take the talents for peacemaking and political maneuvering he displayed in that one school in his own backyard and scale them across five boroughs’ worth.”

When Mayor Michael Bloomberg leaves office, he’s taking a host of his deputy mayors and commissioners with him to set up a consulting firm called Bloomberg Associates. The firm will be flush with money and “act as an urban SWAT team, deployed at the invitation of local governments to solve knotty, long-term challenges,” according to The New York Times.

Mr. Bloomberg has also been busy pushing billions in real estate projects in the final weeks of his term. “De Blasio said everything will be reviewed. But some things can be reviewed and changed more than others,” commented Councilman Brad Lander. “We haven’t tried anything wacky at the last minute,” insisted deputy mayor Robert Steel.

Gatemouth looked at certified election results in the race between Mr. de Blasio and Joe Lhota: “DeBlasio won the City’s White Majority ADs 263,485 (57.95%) to 177,002 (38.93%), a margin of nearly 20 points. But one must keep things in perspective; this looks like a tiny margin when one compares it to the vote in the 41 ADs where whites were not a majority.”

It’s not just Brooklyn’s Republican Party that is having problems, the Staten Island Advance has the latest on the smallest borough’s GOP infighting: “So, a nice 800-pound gorilla for Island Republicans to tiptoe around: The party’s two top elected officials and out-loud personalities at each other’s throats. Staten Island’s brawling Republicans: The gift that just keeps giving.”

Congressman Pete King is continuing to flirt with a 2016 presidential bid and will reportedly announce a new political action committee today.

And here’s Mr. Bloomberg on Jimmy Fallon’s show last Friday night:


Morning Read: ‘So, a Nice 800-Pound Gorilla’