North Korea Threatens South Korea With Terrifying Fax

If things get really heated, they'll hit up SK's beeper.

*doodles bombs* (Photo:

Kim Jong Un *doodles a cartoon bomb.* (Photo:


Taking a cue from Angelica’s mom on Rugrats, North Korea has sent South Korea a v. v. important message via fax, NBC News reports.

In the fax, the nutty nation threatened a “merciless” attack in response to some South Koreans’ rallies against the North this week.

A fax, children, is a document that comes out of a fax machine. A fax machine is a crude predecessor to Snapchat. You can use it to transmit facsimiles (get it?) of drawings, photos and documents to pals and colleagues.

The rallies spurring the threat were held on the second anniversary of Kim Jong Il, NBC News reports. The North said these rallies, which included burning photos of current North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, had insulted the country’s “highest dignity.”

Incredibly, South Korea retaliated via fax, saying they’d “sternly react” to any actual action from their neighbor to the north, which—don’t hold your breath.

There’s nothing like the rhythmic beeps and shrieks of a 56k modem to get your adversaries’ attention.

North Korea Threatens South Korea With Terrifying Fax