#NYTGuesses: The New York Times Hoisted on Its Own Hashtag

No, that's for Sunday Styles. (Jeb Lund, Twitter.)
No, that’s for Sunday Styles. (Jeb Lund, Twitter.)
Update: Invisible Child has now gone live on the Times’s website. Guess we don’t have to wait till the morninng after all. Thanks Twitter/Buzzfeed!

Sunday is the worst time in the world for news junkies. Sure, they’ve got their analysis from Meet the Press, international half-truthsies from 60 Minutes and fake trend stories from The New York Times, topped off with a good dose of Charlie Rose-flavored methadone to keep the shakes away until you can get the real shit again Monday morning.

But enough chatter, it’s time to give momma her 24/7 newscycle fix. Why toy with us, New York Times editor Carolyn Ryan? She must have known how desperate we were for real news when she tweeted at 7:59 p.m.

Only to follow it up with:


WHAAAAT! What is it?? Tell us!

The internet was like the NYT–that is to say, “on it“–as everyone scrambled to think of #NYTGUESSES of what this incredible scoop might be.

Some of the best guesses, below:

Even the Margaret Sullivan weighed in, which means she’ll have to give herself a jeer in tomorrow’s column.

God, we wish.

But then it got worse: Half an hour after her original tweet, Ms. Ryan announced that she wouldn’t be able to talk about the story until the morning and was going home to sulk watch Agent Brody.


But wait! The plot thickens: Andrew Kaczynski (obviously) was able to link a story from The Times News Service’s raw budget on The Las Vegas Sun‘s website which had yet to be published by the Times, but could be the Ryan scoop:


It’s about homelessness and poverty in Fort Greene through the eyes of one girl named Dasani, and according to New York Magazine (the article has since been taken down), it “really is a fantastic piece of journalism, and shines a light on a troubled shelter system that seems like it could use some changing in a big way.”

The Observer was able to obtain a PDF of the first chapter in the original story series.

Too bad this mess has turned into yet another story whose content is overshadowed by the trendy item about how we process, receive, and disseminate the information of the content, (Homelessness is so less buzzy than hashtags)…and fuck if that isn’t actually my entry to #NYTGuesses. #NYTGuesses: <em>The New York Times</em> Hoisted on Its Own Hashtag