People Are Actually Donating Money to Dogecoin Hack ‘Victims’

Cancer research, shmancer research.

(via BuzzFeed)
(via BuzzFeed)

Proponents of meme-inspired digital currency dogecoin did not have a very wow Christmas.

The only person in the world with more free time than the “shibes” actually went to the trouble of hacking Dogewallet and Instadoge, stealing more than Ɖ30,000,000, on Christmas Day.

This equals about $12,360, a dogecoin tipster tells us. And that doesn’t even include the time users wasted mining for the dogecoin.

You’d think that this would be an opportunity for Internet people to learn their lesson and stop sinking money into unregulated online currencies in order to purchase questionable goods like “a pic of your username with a Pink Floyd/Led Zeppelin vinyl record.”

Instead, the hack is bringing “shibes” together, with the more flush ones donating their spare dogecoins to the victims. So far, they’ve raised about Ɖ5,140,575, according to Redditors are also getting pretty into the efforts, as is their wont.

This is basically the equivalent of reimbursing someone who ties their money to a helium balloon and reacts with shock when they realize they may never see it again. But hey, go ahead and donate. It’s still the Christmas season, after all. People Are Actually Donating Money to Dogecoin Hack ‘Victims’