Please Let This Castle Braid Twitter Account Be Real

And here we go... (Twitter)

And here we go… (Twitter)

Since we last wrote about Castle Braid, the rich hipster/artist condo in Bushwick, the story has turned darker for the trust fund kids. Apparently the righteous rage of the Occupy Bushwick sect has led to not only accusations about Castle Braid’s developers finding loopholes that allow them to avoid paying specific taxes, but are now in fear of being the target of arson and/or the disgusting KNOCKOUT game?

It’s like an early Spike Lee movie up in this joint, at least according to the person/persons/trolls running the @Castlebraid Twitter account, which may or may not be a real thing. (Don’t give your hopes up.)

RunningScared got an exclusive with the group behind the Twitter account, which claims to be part of the Castle Braid community:

“The truth is we are CB tenants who do not want to be identified,” the account wrote to us last night. “But we are posting from the perspective of the management for this account.” When we asked if we could speak to their attorneys, they replied, “Our lawyer friends advise us not to use names, and they do not want to be outed in relationship to this either. We hope you can respect this.”

However the Bushwick Daily claims the account is a fake, meant to antagonize already irate neighbors:

The account is trolling local groups on subjects ranging from affordable housing and gentrification to Occupy Wall Street and Israeli politics. Khalil Chishtee, a long-time Castle Braid resident and official representative, has confirmed for Bushwick Daily that the account is not in any way affiliated with the building’s management.

Either way, this is the best Twitter snitching all month. Here are a couple of our favorite interactions thus far.

Castle Braid is fearful of the gangs from The Warriors coming out to play…

The one movie everyone at Castle Braid studied for their minor in Cinema Studies:

Yes, the problem is Lena Dunham.

Best anti-racism explanation ever?

Perfectly on topic:

Technically, both theories about Castle Braid’s Twitter account could be true: Residents could have started it without it being officially affiliated with the building’s management, though it’s hard to understand the motivation behind starting a class/race/anti-Israel war in one’s own backyard while putting a figurative bullseye sign on their new living quarters. Please Let This Castle Braid Twitter Account Be Real