Pun Your Way to a Free New York Times Subscription

Daniel Victor (Facebook)

Daniel Victor (Facebook)

‘Tis the season for giving—but only to people with sweet punning skills.

New York Times social media staff editor Daniel Victor posted the following message to Facebook this morning:

“I can give out a free, 12-week digital subscription to NYT. Does anyone here want it? Tell me why I should pick you. Also, your request must rhyme or include a pun.”

And since everyone loves free news, Facebook users are making some pretty valiant attempts at winning Mr. Victor’s prize.

“Don’t make me p-lede. Giving it to me is the write thing to do. I masthead out now,” wrote Amanda Piasecki.

“Roses are red, violets are blue. I like the NYT and so do me,” wrote the delightfully ironic Tracie Mauriello.

“I fully support this digital news movement / My favorite TV show is Home Improvement,” wrote Evan Kalikow.

Surely there’s a headline writer at the Post or the Daily News who could put everyone to shame here, no?

Pun Your Way to a Free <em>New York Times</em> Subscription