Really Liking This Magritte Quotation in Beyoncé’s ‘Mine’ Video


A still from ‘Mine.’

Like a lot of people, I’m not such a big Drake fan. So while watching the videos from Béyonce’s surprise new album each morning for the past week, I have been skipping “Mine,” the track on which Drizzy guests.


‘The Lovers,’ 1928. (Courtesy MoMA)

What a mistake! This morning I gave the video a whirl and was thrilled to find that its director, Pierre Debusschere, worked in a massive Magritte reference. About midway through we get a man and a woman wearing fabric over their heads and kissing, just like the couple in the Belgian painter’s 1928 painting The Lovers, which is on view in MoMA’s Magritte survey.

Naturally a quick Google search reveals that the kids on Tumblr noticed this pretty much immediately, so credit where credit is due.

'The Lovers,' 1928. (Courtesy National Gallery of Australia, Canberra)

‘The Lovers,’ 1928. (Courtesy National Gallery of Australia, Canberra)

Magritte made another painting of a very similar subject with the same title that is in the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra. The couple in that one is posing before a verdant landscape, looking out at the viewer. (It’s pictured to the right.) It’s kind of more terrifying, yeah? Little bit of a Ku Klux Klan feel.

Anyway, the preview for the “Mine” video doesn’t have the Magritte moment, so you’ll have to download the album, which you should have done already.

In other news, have you read Nico Muhly’s take on the album? A colleague sent it to me yesterday. Great stuff.

Really Liking This Magritte Quotation in Beyoncé’s ‘Mine’ Video