Reddit, 4chan Get Into Meme-Inspired ‘Dogecoin’ Currency Because 2013

Don't worry, these are just words. They don't actually mean anything.

(via BuzzFeed)

(via BuzzFeed)

Doge is a meme that has taken the world by storm over the past month or so. It involves placing qualifiers like “so” and “much” before nouns or verbs in nonsensical ways. A Shiba Inu making a funny face also factors in.

It is as addictive as it is lacking in substance. We’re big fans here at Betabeat.

Now that the meme exists, Internet people are contractually obligated to come up with as many permutations of it as humanly possible. BuzzFeed listicle(s)? Been there. Inexplicably authoritative KnowYourMeme page? Check. Pronunciation battle? Done.

Today, it’s come to light that a member of the BitcoinTalk forum has merged doge with the leading fake currency of the year, bitcoin, to create—you guessed it!—dogecoin. Here, of course, is the affiliated subreddit.

One dogecoin is worth about $0.00023, the Verge reports. On a subreddit called dogemarket, people are using doge to barter for such goods as PayPal gift cards, personalized songs and “a pic of your username with a Pink Floyd/Led Zeppelin vinyl record.”

There’s an official Dogecoin website, the Verge points out, as well as, a community site to “help you get started.”

Guess this is how redditors occupy their time when they’ve finally kicked their fap habit.


Correction: A previous version of this post said that redditors created dogecoin, when in fact a user of BitcoinTalk created the currency, according to

Reddit, 4chan Get Into Meme-Inspired ‘Dogecoin’ Currency Because 2013