Rumana: They weren’t lane closures, they were lane adjustments

TRENTON – North Jersey lawmaker Scott Rumana, (R-40), wanted Monday to focus the questioning of the Port Authority’s Cedrick Fulton on the overall issue of the George Washington Bridge users who are inconvenienced because three lanes are given over to host town Fort Lee.

“I know what it’s like to sit in this traffic,’’ Rumana said as the testimony and questioning of the Authority’s head of tunnels and bridges entered its third hour today.

Rumana wanted information on historically who made the decision to dedicate three lanes to Fort Lee but Fulton had no information on that.

“It took me two hours and 20 minutes to get here,’’ Rumana said by way of example. “I would love to have a dedicated lane … to Trenton.  It’s not practical.’’

Rumana also sought to change the terms of the discussion.

“It’s not a lane closure, it’s a lane adjustment,’’ he said.  But Assemblyman Gordon Johnson countered that it was a closure.

Fulton testified on several occasions today that the September Fort Lee lane closures were not handled the way he would have handled them and that in fact the decisions were not made in a routine manner as such closures are normally planned.

Rumana: They weren’t lane closures, they were lane adjustments