Shut Your Baby Up For Hours With Built-in iPad Play Chair

This will definitely get little Braeylynn into Harvard.

Does it come with Tinder? (Photo:
Is it compatible with Tinder tho? (Photo:

Babies are so needy, right? Thank god for iPads, which can keep them occupied on long road trips, restaurant outings and other instances when you’re too cheap to get a baby-sitter.

Now, you can distract your baby at home, too, thanks to Fisher-Price’s Apptivity Seat, a comfy chair for newborns and toddlers with a built-in iPad mount to make sure your kid’s face is never more than a few inches away from the hypnotic glow of Junior MasterChef.

Unsurprisingly, Fox NY reports, “there is controversy,” with customers reviewing the product on its website to suggest it should be banned and is “actually detrimental to children’s growth and development.” Killjoys. Fox NY also spoke to a child psychologist, who said parents might be tempted to “use the seat and iPad as a babysitter.”

Fisher-Price’s statement: “We created the Seat iPad feature for those times when parents want to use this visual display option as another way to stimulate and engage their baby,” Kathleen Alfano is quoted as saying. Also, the bar with the iPad dock is removable.

Okay, fine, but does it come with a free Ritalin prescription for when the kid starts kindergarten?

Shut Your Baby Up For Hours With Built-in iPad Play Chair