Snapchat Seeks Restraining Order Against Ousted Cofounder

Does this mean he can't come to the golf pros and tennis hoes mixer?

Two tweens scoffing at your $3 billion offer. (Photo: Digital Trends)

Drammmmz (Photo: Digital Trends)

In a display of drama that doesn’t come as much of a surprise knowing their track record, the certified bros at Snapchat reportedly filed for a temporary restraining order against one of their cofounders, TechCrunch reports.

The disappearing photo app’s three founders‐‐Reggie Brown, Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy‐‐are already embroiled in a lawsuit, with Mr. Brown alleging that he came up with the idea, then collaborated with Mr. Spiegel and Mr. Murphy before the latter two locked him out of access to building the app, which was then called Picaboo.

Now, Snapchat’s people allege that Mr. Brown leaked confidential information to the press, TechCrunch reports, and that further leaks could cause “irreparable harm” to the profitless company, which recently said, “meh, no thanks,” to a $3 billion acquisition offer from Facebook.

The motion claims that Mr. Brown and his lawyers admitted to leaking deposition videos to Business Insider. If the court grants the temporary restraining order and injunction request Snapchat seeks, Mr. Brown will be subject to fines, contempt sanctions, and other punishments‐‐including a possible dismissal of the lawsuit, TechCrunch says, which would suck for tech bloggers everywhere.

Luckily it doesn’t look like the fate of Snapchat itself hangs in the balance here, so you can all get back to sexting.

Snapchat Seeks Restraining Order Against Ousted Cofounder