Sweeney’s feat of strength

Last month, he said he could out bench press Jersey City’s mayor. Now, he says an arm wrestling competition with the state’s governor wouldn’t be a competition at all.

The state’s top lawmaker is on a feat of strength roll.

Senate President Steve Sweeney told the Twittersphere Thursday during his weekly Q & A with fellow tweeters that if it ever came down to an arm wrestling contest with him and Gov. Chris Christie, New Jersey’s governor would be on the losing end.

“Sorry [governor], but it’s only a competition if the other guy has a chance,” Sweeney responded when asked on Twitter who would win in an arm wrestling competition, him or Christie?

Sweeney’s tweet comes after he jokingly told reporters in Atlantic City last month that he could out bench press Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop.

Sweeney made the statement when a reporter pressed whether Sweeney could take Fulop in a Democratic primary for governor.

“Take?” Sweeney responded, as to question what the reporter meant by “take.”

“I can out bench press him,” Sweeney joked, brushing off the question.

Sweeney’s feat of strength