Teen Opens Beats By Dre Headphones, Finds Tuna Instead

How did they fit in there so nicely?

Why? (Photo: KCPQ-TV)

Why? (Photo: KCPQ-TV)

Tunes, tuna, tuna, tunes– they at least sound similar. A father in Washington ordered his daughter a set of Beats by Dre headphones for Christmas, however she found cans of the smelly fish.

Steve Lopez told KCPQ-TV that he ordered a set of the pricey headphones from Walmart’s website on Black Friday. However, when his 14-year-old daughter, Carmen, opened the box last week, she found four tins of tuna fish inside.

“This is what I picked up,” said Mr. Lopez to the Fox affiliate. “It was wrapped in plastic. So I thought they were legit.”

Walmart will only refund the family for the deeply discounted price Mr. Lopez paid for the headphones on Black Friday — which isn’t enough to buy a pair at the price they’re currently being sold for. 

Adding insult to injury, Carmen is allergic to tuna.

With Walmart acting like the typical grinch, an employee of Beats by Dre heard about the story and is offering to give her a free pair of the headphones. 

“I can only imagine what was going through her head,” said Lindsay Merkle, the company’s account manager. “So hopefully this will help her be a little bit happier and get something that she was actually looking forward to on Christmas.”

And the countdown to the “Good Guy Dre” meme starts…now.

(Via Yahoo News)

Teen Opens Beats By Dre Headphones, Finds Tuna Instead