We Wish This Plastic Toilet With an iPad Dock Was For Adults

Technically it could be.

We'll take three! (Screengrab: Amazon.com)

We’ll take three! (Screengrab: Amazon.com)

Your typical toilet is hard, clunky, expensive and booooringgggg.

It’s not like the iPotty, a product that is both cheaper ($31.99!) and more useful than the typical porcelain throne. The iPotty, you see, has a built in dock for your iPad.

So while you’re communing with the gods of gastronomy, you can also check up on the stock market; play Angry Birds; take a selfie; reread Pride and Prejudice. The possibilities are endless.

There’s only one problem: the iPotty’s designers have cruelly built it in a size only potty training children can use. It’s discrimination, really.

Incredibly, party poopers are freaking out about the iPotty, claiming it can “harm developmental learning of body cues and socialization” for children who are potty training while trolling Instagram.

The iPotty even won a TOADY  award for Worst Toy of the Year, the CCFC reports, probably because it is way too small and its color scheme would clash with most respectable powder rooms.

Sure, it may encourage youth attention problems, but it can’t be much worse than keeping a stack of Us Weeklys next to the john. We Wish This Plastic Toilet With an iPad Dock Was For Adults