Wrongful imprisonment compensation bill signed

TRENTON – Gov. Chris Christie signed legislation Friday dealing with compensation for wrongful imprisonment and deadlines for school board candidates’ nominating petitions:


S-1219wGR/ACS for A-1640, 3066 (Codey, Lesniak/Watson Coleman, Johnson) – Increases compensation for wrongful imprisonment

S-2086/A-3424 (Whelan/Greenwald, Singleton) – Changes deadline for filing nominating petitions for school board candidates to last Monday in July; revises procedure for filing school board candidate vacancy; and revises certain other election procedures

In regards to the compensation bill, S1219 had been conditionally vetoed and then won concurrence by the Legislature. Christie struck a provision that would have allowed compensation even in cases in which someone had given a false confession, contributing to their own imprisonment.

The bill ups the compensation from $20,000 a year or twice a person’s income (whichever is greater), to $50,000.

“This law had not been updated for 16 years, so it was past time that we did so to ensure people who endured this real-life nightmare get the help they need,” said one of the sponsors, Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman, in a release.

Wrongful imprisonment compensation bill signed