Art Matters Grants Fund Travel, Projects, 3-D Printers, for 35 Artists

logo_mArt Matters, the nonprofit, Soho-based art foundation founded by philanthropist Laura Donnelley, has announced its 2013 grants, reports Artforum. The grants, which range from $3,000 to $10,000, were awarded to 35 artists who will use them for socially engaged projects. Mixed-media artist Jacolby Satterwhite will use his to purchase a 3-D printer. They don’t come cheap! 

The full list of recipients is below. 

Claudia Alvarez 
Support for travel to Mexico City for research at Museo Nacional de Antropología and the Ceramoteca Research Center.

Fallen Fruit (David Burns and Austin Young) 
Support for three Fallen Fruit projects: The Mother Patch in York, Alabama; Fruit Stand and Wallpaperin Haiti; and Fallen Fruit Parking Lot in Detroit.

Dawn DeDeaux 
Support for ongoing work.

Joseph DeLappe 
Support for the first phase of Mapping the American Empire, a multimedia project involving travel to the 150 countries where the United States has troops stationed.

Andy Fedak 
Support for research into new methods for image creation involving animation, sense data, and the resolving power of the human eye.

Victoria Fu 
Support for ongoing work.

Steffani Jemison 
Support for ongoing work.

Eirik Johnson 
Support for travel to Japan to develop a photography and sound-based installation involving the economy of Matsutake mushrooms in Oregon and Japan.

Sara Jordenö 
Support for Gesture, a film project about the Kiki scene in New York City, with collaborator Twiggy Pucci Garçon and others.

Glenn Kaino 
Support for research for the project 19.83, the cataloging and detailing of Olympic Gold Medal Winner and activist Tommie Smith’s personal museum.

Nina Katchadourian 
Support for a collaborative trip with Laurel Braitman, historian of science, to the Lagoon of San Ignacio in Baja California for research on ballenas amistosas (friendly whales).

Gerard & Kelly 
Support for Timelining, a performance work exploring queer intimacy and the intersection of individual and collective memory.

Steve Kurtz/Critical Art Ensemble 
Support for travel to Argentina for Critical Art Ensemble’s work with the art and environmental organization Ala Plástica in Río de la Plata, towards the second part of the project Basins.

Steve Lambert 
Support for ongoing work.

Việt Lê 
Support for ongoing work.

Miguel Luciano 
Support for travel to Nairobi, Kenya to continue developing the ongoing public art project Amani Kites.

James Luna 
Support for ongoing work.

John Malpede 
Support for LAPD’s Walk the Talk, a Skid Row street pageant of local oral history tributes, linked together by a New Orleans brass band.

Nyeema Morgan 
Support for ongoing work.

Ulrike Müller 
Support for an archival art piece in the form of a book, the latest incarnation of the project Herstory Inventory: 100 Feminist Drawings by 100 Artists.

Yamini Nayar 
Support for ongoing work.

Heidi Neilson 
Support for ongoing work.

MaryAnn Peters 
Researching the Lebanese diaspora at the Arab World Institute in Paris and the Centro Libanés in Mexico City.

Sunita Prasad 
Support for ongoing work.

Jerome Reyes 
Support for ongoing work.

Gregory Sale 
Support for the first iteration in Phoenix of Sleepover, a series of activities with diverse constituents exploring re-entering society after incarceration.

Jacolby Satterwhite 
Support for the purchase of a 3D printer to expand the artist’s current performance, video, and animation practice into sculpture.

Carolee Schneemann 
Support for ongoing work.

Dread Scott 
Support for research trips to New Orleans and Charlotte to develop Slave Rebellion Reenactment, a restaging and reinterpreting of Louisiana’s German Coast Uprising of 1811.

Accra Shepp 
Support for ongoing work.

C. Maxx Stevens 
Support for the recreation of Last Supper, a mixed-media installation examining diabetes in native communities.

Support for an art exhibition about endemic pollution in south Seattle, paralleling the artists’ process of transforming a former gas station into a pocket park.

Kenneth Tam 
Support for ongoing work.

Lee Webster 
Support for ongoing work.

Betty Yu 
Support for The War Within: Healing the Wounds, a feature-length documentary capturing the lives of veterans and active duty soldiers of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Art Matters Grants Fund Travel, Projects, 3-D Printers, for 35 Artists