At Authority, a lack of response

Amid the reams of emails, press releases and communications released Friday from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey one of the consistent traits shown is stonewalling members of the media on inquiries.

A typical email among Authority personnel goes like this: So and so “is working on a story. …. I will not respond unless directed otherwise to do so.’’ Often there would be an email from a higher-up such as Bill Baroni: No response. Sometimes the response would be neutrally worded and brief.

Representatives of PolitickerNJ, the Star-Ledger, Wall Street Journal, Bergen Record, WCBS Radio, News 12, and others reached out to the Authority for comments on the Fort Lee lane closures or the resulting legislative inquiry.

One prepared response said the Authority was conducting a weeklong study of traffic patterns.

But Patrick Foye, the top New York appointee to the agency who said he never knew of the planned lane closures, told N.J. lawmakers flat out that there was no study.

At Authority, a lack of response