Attorney General Subtweets Governor With ‘Eyelashes’ Joke

Eric Schneiderman's eyes. (Cropped. Photo base: Getty/Stephen Lovekin)
Eric Schneiderman’s eyes. (Cropped. Getty/Stephen Lovekin)

Eric Schneiderman has mastered the art of the subtweet—a public message covertly addressed to a specific individual.

After The New York Times ran a front-page story today on tensions between Mr. Schneiderman and Gov. Andrew Cuomo, including a battle over what to do with settlement money from J.P. Morgan Chase, much attention has gone to the opening sentence, which reported that Mr. Cuomo has asked others if Mr. Schneiderman “wears eyeliner.”

Mr. Schneiderman responded earlier this afternoon on Twitter.

“1st-term achievements: held big banks accountable, helped struggling homeowners, closed gun show loophole. Oh yeah, and great #eyelashes,” he quipped.

As for his eyelashes themselves, the Times reported they may, in fact, have a medical explanation.

“People told of his condition say he has glaucoma, for which he takes a medication whose published side effects include increased eyelash ‘thickness’ and ‘darkness,'” the paper reported. Attorney General Subtweets Governor With ‘Eyelashes’ Joke