Beekeeping protection bills before Senate panel

TRENTON – Two bills dealing with beekeeping will be before a Senate committee next week.

The bills, which already passed Assembly committees, are designed to aid a key agricultural business in New Jersey.

One of the bills before the Senate Economic Growth Committee on Thursday will be S2990/A4262, which essentially states that the state has exclusive authority over the regulation of beekeeping.

The bill would prevent towns from restricting the keeping of bees or the sale of the honey by use of so-called local nuisance laws.

The other bill, S2991/A4261, would extend the state’s Right To Farm Act protections to beekeepers. It would include in the definition of commercial farm a beekeeping operation that generates honey or related products exceeding $2,500 a year.

Activists at an earlier hearing touted the importance of the honeybee as a pollinator of crops and flowers in the state.

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Beekeeping protection bills before Senate panel