Best Tech Events This Week (Social Retail Week, Women Entrepreneurs Festival, Womensphere, Real Estate Connect)

This is a guest post from Gary Sharma (aka “The Guy with the Red Tie”), founder and CEO of GarysGuide

This is a guest post from Gary Sharma (aka “The Guy with the Red Tie”), founder and CEO of GarysGuide and proud owner of a whole bunch of black suits, white shirts and, at last count, over 40 red ties. You can reach him at gary [at]

Remember IBM’s Jeopardy-winning Watson? Big Blue investing $1 billion to create Watson Group, 2000 employee division @ 51 Astor Pl (E Village). It’ll have Incubator + $100 million to fund startups with creative uses for Watson. 

Cause Spotlight: NYC Foundation for Computer Science (CSNYC) led by my friend Evan Korth & supported by Fred & Joanne Wilson. They provide funding for Computer Science & Software Engg programs in public schools (28 so far), and are raising $250k & have upcoming meetup, Women in CS, Feb 3 @ USV.

Jan 23 Global Innovator II w/ Matt Turck (FirstMark), Marc Michel (Metamorphic), Micah Rosenbloom (Founder Collective), Eliot Durbin (BoldStart). 2 FREE Passes!

This week is Social Retail Week. Opening Party tonight @ Flor de Sol. Social Retail Summit Thu w/ Chantel Waterbury (Founder, Chloe+Isabel), Mona Bijoor (Founder, JOOR), Ethan Song (CEO, Frank&Oak). 4 FREE Passes $160 each!

My friend Deborah hosts Outrageous Acts of Science on Discovery & this Wed she’ll be one of many awesome speakers @ 5th Womensphere Emerging Leaders Global Summit. Also this week NYU ITP Women Entrepreneurs Festival w/ Crystal Hutter (Edmodo), Tanya Menendez (Maker’s Row) & others.

Jan 17 Cryptocurrency Hackathon ($14k prizes!) @ Bitcoin Center. Jan 28 NYCEDC invite-only Bitcoin Breakfast w/ Coinbase, Bitpay, Bitcoin & others.

Jan 22 Stanford Alumni Angels Wine tasting + chat w/ Samer Hamadeh (Founder, & Zeel). Angels/VCs/LPs wanna attend? Email me. Jan 23 Girls Raising w/ Deborah Jackson (Plum Alley), Angela Lee (37 Angels), Reshma Saujani (Girls Who Code) & Carly Zakin (The Skimm). 2 FREE Passes!.

This week … Jan 13 Insiders Guide: Debt vs Equity (10 Free Passes!). Jan 15 Space Matters: Design Great Workspace. Jan 15 SquadUP Startup Showcase Cheek’d & Vanity Project, Free with code “alleynyc”.

Coming up … Jan 22 Startup Rock Climbing (2 Free Passes!). Jan 22 Enterprise Tech (5 Free Passes!). Jan 24 Phat Startup Social Media w/ Gary Vaynerchuk (3 Free Passes!). Jan 25 Amusemi 2 Year Anniversary. Jan 26 Legal Issues in Advertising & Social Media. Feb 08 Angelhack & XO Group Hack Upon a Cause.

Don’t forget! ==> applications to Cornell NYC Tech due Feb 1. Your chance to join awesome Computer Science Masters program & also get feel for real world entrepreneurship, pitching a startup, engaging with media, hiring & interviewing etc.

Just 2 weeks left! ==> TurnToTech 12 wk iOS bootcamp! No payment till job placement. Also, Startup CEOs/CTOs, NYCEDC accepting Round 2 registrations (1st-come, 1st-served) to speak at Tech Talent Draft @ Brown, Cornell & Penn.

Apply to Startup Bus! Apply to Pipeline Fellowship. Downtown Brooklynites, get free Fon WiFi router. 500 Startups Commercism Conf March 21 in Mountain View.

Bunch o’ deadlines … Jan 30 Veterans Entrepreneurship. Feb 2 Macys Workshop for women & minorities. Mar 12 ConnectNYC Free Fiber Access!

Fun Fact: ubiquitous battery pack Mophie = Molly + Sophie, 2 golden retrievers of founder Ben Kaufmann (CEO, Quirky)! Learn more about its invention.

New Year Resolution #2 ==> Read more books! Email me your recommendations.

And now lets see whats going down in the Alley this week…

[Social Retail Week] Opening Party
Monday (Jan 13), 6 p.m. @ Flor de Sol, 100 10th Ave

CTO School – Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
With Paul Dix (Co-founder/CEO, InfluxDB), Victor Olex (CTO, SlashDB), Camille Fournier (Head of Engg, Rent the Runway), Tom Brown (CTO, Grouper) & Kareem Kouddous (Founder/CTO, Crowdtap).
Monday (Jan 13), 6:30 p.m. @ Pivotal Labs, 625 6th Ave, 2nd Fl

Women Entrepreneurs Festival 2014 (hosted by NYU ITP)
With Crystal Hutter (CEO, Edmodo), Elizabeth Iorns (Co-founder, Science Exchange), Jean Brownhill Lauer (Founder, Sweeten), Tanya Menendez (Co-Founder, Maker’s Row), Chantel Waterbury (Founder, Chloe + Isabel) & others.

Tuesday (Jan 14), 9 a.m. @ NYU Stern School of Business, 40 W 4th St

DreamIt Ventures – Startups in the Wild
Cocktails, food & short presentations from eCommerce startups in their natural habitat – Drop ’til You Shop, Betterific, ClothesHorse, eyeQ, Miner, SnipSnap & Stylr.
Tuesday (Jan 14), 5 p.m. @ Drop til You Shop HQ, 330 W 42nd St, 9th Fl

Hardwired NYC #6
With Jeremy Conrad (Lemnos Labs), Kegan Schouwenburg (Sols), Jon Bruner (O’Reilly), Alexandros Marinos ( & Alex Yancher (Pantry Labs).
Tuesday (Jan 14), 5:30 p.m. @ To Be Decided

Womensphere Emerging Leaders Global Summit
With Christine Cuoco (Twitter), David Teten (ffVC), Deborah Jackson (Founder, Plum Alley), Laura Lee (Youtube, Google), Danae Ringelmann (Co-Founder, Indiegogo) & others
Wednesday (Jan 15), 8 a.m. @ Columbia University, 2920 Broadway

Real Estate Connect NYC 2014
With Arianna Huffington (Founder, Huffington Post), Dave Liniger (Chairman, Re/Max), Diane Ramirez (CEO, Halstead), Brian Hirsch (Tribeca Venture), Joanne Wilson (Angel Investor) & others
Wednesday (Jan 15), 9 a.m. @ Grand Hyatt, 109 E 42nd St

Space Matters: Design a Great Workspace
With Benjamin Dyett (Co-Founder, Grind Space), Rachel Brooks (Founder, Citizen Made), Mark Karten (Ensemble), Janette Kim (Columbia) & George Valdes (Co-Founder, Feather).
Wednesday (Jan 15), 6 p.m. @ FLOR, 142 Wooster St

[Social Retail Week] Made In USA – Founders Forum 2014
With Bayard Winthrop (Founder, American Giant), Tanya Menendez (Co-Founder, Maker’s Row), Matthew Burnett (Co-Founder, Maker’s Row), Jake Bronstein (Founder, Flint & Tinder) & Jason Schott (COO, Schott NYC).
Wednesday (Jan 15), 6 p.m. @ MNY 55, 55 W 17th St

[Social Retail Week] Social Retail Summit #6
With Chantel Waterbury (Founder, Chloe+Isabel), Loni Edwards (Founder, Stitch Collective), Mona Bijoor (Founder, JOOR), Ethan Song (CEO, Frank & Oak) & others!
Thursday (Jan 16), 3 p.m. @ Dumbo Spot, 160 Water St, Brooklyn

Cryptocurrency Hackathon
Build tools that expand accessibility, utility, or application of cyptocurrency. $14k in prizes!
Friday (Jan 17), 9 a.m. @ NYC Bitcoin Center, 40 Broad St

StartupBus Drinkup
Friday (Jan 17), 6:30 p.m. @ New Work City, 412 Broadway, 2nd Fl

#MLKHack for MLK Weekend
Your mission is come up and build the app that MartinLuther King Jr would have built today.
Saturday (Jan 18), 10 a.m. @ Tumblr HQ, 35 E 21st St, 10th Fl

More events on the horizon…
NY Enterprise Technology Meetup on Jan 22 @ Cooley
Happy Hour Startup Showcase #8 (hosted By SquadUP) on Jan 22 @ AlleyNYC
Stanford Alumni Angels: Wine & Networking – Fireside Chat w/ Samer Hamadeh (Co-founder, on Jan 22 @ Venue
Startup Rock Climbing on Jan 22 @ Brooklyn Boulders
Pre-SXSW Startup Mixer #mixitup on Jan 22 @ The Delancey
Global Innovator II on Jan 23 @ Dentons
Girls Raising – Presentation & Panel Series on Jan 23 @ Warby Parker
The Phat Startup – How to be the Mayweather of Social Media w/ Gary Vaynerchuk on Jan 24 @ AlleyNYC
Amusemi 2 Year Anniversary Party! on Jan 25 @ Venue (TriBeCa)
The 411 on Legal Issues in Advertising & Social Media on Jan 26 @ Anchin
Startup Weekend Edu on Jan 31 @ EdTech
DeepDive ShapeJS (3D Printing) on Feb 01 @ TurnToTech
[CSNYC] Women in CS – How to get girls interested and involved on Feb 03 @ Union Square Ventures
Hack Upon a Cause on Feb 08 @ XO Group HQ
Hack for Big Choices + New York + SocialGood on Feb 14 @ Alley NYC
Gigaom Structure Data 2014 on Mar 19 @ Pier Sixty at The Chelsea Piers

Until next week. Stay thirsty social, my friends! 😉

Best Tech Events This Week (Social Retail Week, Women Entrepreneurs Festival, Womensphere, Real Estate Connect)