De Blasio Teased About Snow Plow Controversy Before D.C. Speech

Bill de Blasio speaking today. (livestream screengrab.)
Bill de Blasio speaking today. (livestream screengrab.)

Bill de Blasio’s snow problems followed him all the way to Washington.

Mr. de Blasio traveled to D.C. this morning to address the U.S. Conference of Mayors, where he praised the influence of his fellow mayors in the face of congressional gridlock.

But before he spoke, Scott Smith, the mayor of Mesa, Ariz. and the president of the organization, cracked a joke or two at Mr. de Blasio’s expense.

“Mayor de Blasio has made a special trip to be with us today and I can tell you, I will say, he did not use a special snow plow to plow away for him to get here today,” Mr. Smith quipped as he introduced Mr. de Blasio. “I know that because obviously the assets were allocated throughout the city, right? Every part the city.”

This was a clear reference to Mr. de Blasio’s controversial plowing operations yesterday, where the mayor at first staunchly insisted the city’s resources had been deployed evenly across the city after complaints surfaced from Upper East Side residents. Later in the day, however, Mr. de Blasio reversed himself and vaguely said more should have been done for the neighborhood during Tuesday’s snowstorm.

Mr. Smith also made a joke about Mr. de Blasio’s height, quoting lyrics from Frank Sinatra’s “Theme From New York, New York” but replacing Mr. Sinatra’s “vagabond shoes” with “oversized shoes.”

“He wanted to be a part of it … Yes, those oversized shoes were longing to stray right through the very heart of it,” continued Mr. Smith.

“Mayor Smith, somehow that’s familiar to me, what you were saying there,” Mr. de Blasio replied back as he took the stage. “I want to give Mayor Smith credit for creativity and for understanding of the culture of New York City by alluding to that wonderful song.”

Mr. de Blasio proceeded to praise Mr. Smith and the conference, extolling the virtues of paid sick leave and universal prekindergarten, two of his top legislative priorities back home. De Blasio Teased About Snow Plow Controversy Before D.C. Speech