Don’t Worry, Your Google Glass Still Works In This Frigid Weather

Netflix is also fully functional.

A snowblower as seen #throughglass. (Photo: YouTube)
A snowblower as seen #throughglass. (Photo: YouTube)

As we prepare for tonight’s freezing exhale from Canada (née “polar vortex“), it’s important that we check on the most at risk people in the world: Google Glass owners. Apparently there’s concern that the futuristic face computers might not hold up in the subzero temperatures since staying inside to avoid hypothermia like a normal person is apparently not a feasible option.

But, good news! Glass holds up “surprisingly well” in the subzero temperatures. Josh Braaten, a writer/tribute from Glass Almanac, recently went outside in freezing Minnesota and embarked on the usual cold weather activities, like throwing water into the air, while wearing Glass.

Mr. Braaten found that his Internet-connected head device didn’t shatter into a million pieces or crinkle like it does in extreme heat. He cautioned that his test wasn’t “very scientific test by any means,” however the results were generally favorable–except he heard a “slight cracking sound” every few minutes.

He pontificates:  

I wonder if repeated exposure to these temperature changes will eventually weaken the device or if the cracking sound is akin to a house creaking at night as it adjusts to the differences between day and night. 

Let us know how your test on Mars goes.

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