Fulop: GWB lane closure emails “shed unfortunate light on Trenton”

JERSEY CITY – Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop criticized the political atmosphere in New Jersey state government following revelations of email exchanges between a deputy on Gov. Christie’s senior staff and Port Authority executives that link the two parties to controversial lane closures on the George Washington Bridge several months ago.

“The emails shed an unfortunate light on Trenton politics and our hope is that the Jersey City pension bill is not held hostage and should be passed tomorrow,” said Fulop, who has been a strong critic of Port Authority policies in recent months.

Fulop’s comment comes days after he charged State Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3) with refusing to post a bill because Sweeney wants to punish Fulop.

Fulop alleges that Senate bill 3096, co-sponsored by state Senators Brian P. Stack and Sandy Cunningham and which would bring Jersey City’s pension system into alignment with the state pension system, is being held up by Sweeney.

Fulop and Sweeney are the most prominent names being mentioned as potential Democratic gubernatorial candidates in the next election. Jersey City’s mayor claims that Sweeney is still irked by comments Fulop made last month stating that New Jersey’s Democratic leadership needs “backbone.”

“Anybody who puts a personal vendetta ahead of the public good isn’t only spineless, but doesn’t deserve to hold public office,” Fulop told PolitickerNJ.com.

The office of Sweeney, a close Christie ally, rebuked Fulop, asserting that he should be “focusing on his job” instead of focusing on politics.

Fulop: GWB lane closure emails “shed unfortunate light on Trenton”