“Girls” Gone Mild? Lena Dunham Keeps Clothes on at Third Season Premiere

Jemima Kirke, Lena Dunham, Allison Williams and Zosia Mamet, from left.
Jemima Kirke, Lena Dunham, Allison Williams and Zosia Mamet, from left.

“Why the hell are we uptown for this?” one film producer grumbled as we rushed into Jazz at Lincoln Center last Monday for the premiere of season three of Girls, the HBO series created by and starring Downtown darling Lena Dunham.

“Space and availability?” Shindigger suggested as Anna Wintour darted by in a full-length Prada fur, emblazoned with feminist pop art. Arianna Huffington stormed past in a hurry as well, although there was no need to rush—the red-carpet proceedings, broadcast inside the theater, would be in full swing for more than 30 minutes past the scheduled start time. 

“I’m waiting for her to strut and pose?” snarled a leggy model in row two, as designer Stacey Bendet assumed her position. Zac Posen, four rows back, seemed immune to the delays, giggling with his harem of models. 

“Excuse me? Are you sure that’s your seat?” Nicky Hilton squawked at jewelry designer Carly Leach

Eventually, the show did go on. Ms. Dunham took the stage beside her fellow executive produces, Judd Apatow and Jenni Konner. She had gussied up admirably in a sparkling Rochas frock with Jimmy Choo pumps.

“This is fancy—Jazz at Lincoln Center,” Mr. Apatow began. “In addition to everything else that Lena does on the show, she is going to play jazz piano for you and perform the entire Herbie Hancock record Head Hunters.”

“I am!” Ms. Dunham cackled with delight, going on to thank the series’ main cast and regulars, including her on-screen parents, Becky Ann Baker and Peter Scolari

“At this point, I’d call you if I needed an abortion,” she blurted.

Attendees then got a sneak peak of what’s in store for the raw and uncensored show. We watched the first, second and seventh episodes, but Shindigger won’t spill the beans as to what went down. 

Afterward, we exited the theater alongside an inconspicuous Steve Buscemi and discovered HBO’s big after-party reveal: They had converted the ever-so sophisticated Allen Room Atrium into a G train station. 

“How long do you think Lena can go without wearing clothes?” Ms. Leach asked former cast member Billy Morrissette, as we nursed our first drink, a Brooklyn IPA. 

“All I can say is she’s a genius,” Mr. Morrissette replied. “I went pant-less at my clothing-optional Christmas party last month, and I’m completely anti-pants now.” 

We put the same question to Mr. Apatow: How long did he think Hannah Horvath (Ms. Dunham’s character) could go without wearing pants?

“During the day? That’s a very good question,” he smirked. “You know I can only go a short amount of time until my family goes, ‘Please, would you put on some pants?’ My family will only give me about a half hour.”

Next, we sat down with Ms. Konner, who looked smashing in a silver-toned wardrobe by Thakoon Panichgul. We wanted to know her opinion: For how long could Ms. Dunham go nude?

“Oh, eternity!” she declared. “We were shooting that [seventh] episode, and she was wearing a bikini that whole time, and she would forget that she was wearing a bikini. A couple of times, I had to be like, ‘Put on a sweatshirt! Put on something!”

“How long could you go?” Shindigger prodded.

“Without pants?” 


But Ms. Konner did not answer us. Instead, she said, “That’s a gorgeous group,” pointing toward Karen Elson and Kim Gordon. “We’re flying back to L.A. tomorrow,” Ms. Konner went on. (Girls had been nominated for two Golden Globes, though went sadly home empty-handed.) 

Shindigger then sidled up to director Jesse Peretz and his stunning wife, Sarah Sophie Flicker. “Usually, you don’t have the crew at a premiere, but HBO is so awesome the entire crew is here,” he enthused. “It’s been like a reunion.” 

As for Ms. Dunham’s exhibitionism, he said, “I think in real life she couldn’t go that long.”

“I think she can go as long as she damn well pleases!” said Evan Jonigkeit, who recently starred on Broadway in The Snow Geese and has since joined the cast of Girls. (He is also the real-life boyfriend of Zosia Mamet.)

Ms. Mamet agreed with her beau. “How ever long she wanted,” she told us.

Just as Shindigger was preparing to approach Ms. Dunham and finally get to the bottom of this matter, a server brought out a platter of chocolates and our opportunity was destroyed. 

“Oh, my God!” Ms. Dunham gasped with delight. 

Chocolate: 1, Shindigger: 0.

Moving on, we spoke with screenwriter and actor Danny Strong, who appears in this season’s seventh episode, which was shot on location at a beach house near Greenport, Long Island. 

“After we’d wrap, we’d just go back to the motel and drink,” he recalled. “Andrew Rannells brought bottles of Maker’s Mark, and we would drink in his room. I have pictures to prove it.”

Mr. Strong had a more intellectual response when it came to our queries regarding Ms. Dunham and dishabille. 

“Nudity is a part of our lives, but you don’t see that much of it in television or in movies,” he said. “It infuses the emotional reality of Lena’s character to the world.” 

“But how long could she stay naked?” Shindigger pressed.

“An entire season,” he said, without hesitation. “Girls” Gone Mild? Lena Dunham Keeps Clothes on at Third Season Premiere