Hey Idiots: Walking While Texting Is Ruining Your Posture

Unsure what to do with our hands if we can't use our phone.

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Walking into traffic. (Photo: Getty)

As the great Jack Donaghy once said, “Shoulders back, Lemon. You’re not welcoming people to Castle Frankenstein.” That same adage applies to people who walk and text because it’s all but destroying your posture and increasing the risk of walking into traffic.

A report out of University of Queensland in Australia highlighted the obvious: when people walk while texting, they maneuvered more slowly, hunched their shoulders forward and couldn’t walk in a straight line. It’s like they’re drunk without any of the calories from a Bud Light.

And it doesn’t stop with texting. People who glanced at their screens also were “more likely to wander off in the wrong direction” because they aren’t paying attention. Also, 35 percent of respondents said they tripped, fell and even collided with people, traffic or obstacles.  

Siobhan Schabrun, a researcher on the study that tracked (only?) 26 people, noticed a trend:

“They lock their arms, trunk and head together all in aid of keeping the phone steady in front of their eyes,” she said. “Previous studies on older populations shows that this type of more rigid posture puts you at greater risk of falling.”

You’ll never guess her solution: stop texting and walking. “But if you do need to text, move to one side, stop, then text,” she said. “When you are done you can continue walking.”

Excuse you, but the feeling of FOMO on Twitter is worse than walking into traffic.

(Via ABC News)

Hey Idiots: Walking While Texting Is Ruining Your Posture